1stFive Experience: A Smash Success for Our Community

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MediaVillage, Turner and Horizon Media are thrilled to share some of the thoughts and feedback from the 4th Annual 1stFive Summer Intern Experience. Intended to be both an instructive session for these future leaders in the media, marketing and ad community, as well as an opportunity for senior industry leaders to hear back and learn from this new generation, the comments from attendees both inform and encourage us all.

Full commentaries, including takeaways gathered from our Gen-Z breakout discussions, are available on MediaVillage.com, including:

Jack Myers' insights on the Gen-Z generation are also available at 1stFive.org.

We thank all the 1st Fivers for attending and sharing their thoughts and opening their minds, and lead partners, underwriters and supporters who made this event possible, and encourage everyone to embrace and learn from disruption! Please scroll down to download the full overview with additional comments.

Shoshana Gorelick, Zenith Intern, University of Wisconsin

Thank you for orchestrating such a valuable experience, an event I literally went home bragging about. I truly enjoyed the panel discussion, and resonated with so many of the topics discussed. I felt especially connected to the dialogue about the importance of dual mentoring. I experience a work environment where employees are excited to teach me, while they also enjoy listening to my thoughts. This is something I find to be a crucial factor of a work environment for a company to see success. As a rising senior, I am thinking about the future, embracing the ambiguity that comes with it. Similarly, to the innovative world you study, what comes next for me is unpredictable and somewhat puzzling. Hearing your career path really sparked an interest for me, as I hope my professional journey has me continuously learning and constantly engaged with new people, ideas, and products.  

Catherine Yarovoi, Ad Council Intern, University of Pennsylvania

Thank you so much for speaking to all of us at the 1st Five Intern night and organizing the event! Your insight on leadership and the importance of personality and empathy in the ad and media world was really insightful for me.

Jake Sheinman, NBCU Intern, Penn State University

I was very inspired by the story you told about your son at camp. I couldn't agree more that we are not Millennials and we see things on a spectrum rather than B&W. Looking forward to reading your book.

Katherine Naylor, MediaLink Intern, Wake Forest University

I attended the 1stFive Summer Intern Experience and had a wonderful time. As I finish my MediaLink internship, the night was a great way to reflect on my summer and adjust my goals for the future. Thank you for hosting such a vibrant evening.

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