Advertising Women of New York (AWNY) Is Now She Runs It

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AWNY is now She Runs It™, an organization paving the way for women to lead at every level in marketing and media. I want to tell you why.

We have always believed in the power of women.

For over a hundred years, we have worked to nurture and celebrate women in marketing and media. We even taught advertising classes for women back when women were excluded from university courses.

A hundred years ago, we worked to get more women a seat at the table. Now, we want to see more women at the head of that table.

The reason is simple. Women are proven leaders. Today, women run companies. Communities. Countries. They are growth-oriented leaders, and focus on steady, sustainable growth. They’re good for business.

Women motivate. Innovate. Companies with more women as leaders are more financially successful than companies with fewer women leaders. Women drive socially responsible organizations. And they’re strong, especially in times of crisis.

This doesn’t just benefit women - it benefits everyone. That’s why we are working to build a world where as many women  as men lead at every level.

A world where she runs businesses.
She runs departments.
She runs accounts.
She runs projects.
She runs her career.
She runs her life.
She runs it.

So many of you were part of our rebranding process. Thank you. This new name is a tribute to all of you, and all of us – and all of the amazing men who believe in our mission. Beyond us growing, it’s about you growing. It’s about seeing women run our industries.

With so much love to who we are as Advertising Women of New York, and all that we have accomplished together, we are ready to chart a way forward. A new name. A reinvigorated mission. Expanded geography. We want you to join us in making it real.

Please visit this link to get the FAQ document that answers the questions you are likely to hear. Our community is our most powerful asset, and we would love to hear from you as we take this next step forward.

Thank you for your support and continued commitment.

All the best,

Lynn J Branigan
President and CEO

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