Audio Drives Home the Message: A Conversation with Audacy's Paul Suchman (Podcast)

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Audio is a powerhouse marketing and advertising medium. We are listening to music and spoken word podcasts on so many various platforms that it has become even more pervasive in our lives than ever before. And, now that music is available through devices such as connected TVs, Amazon Echo Shows or Google Nest Hubs in more environments than ever, it is opening up new relevancy apertures and, given a burst of IP-delivered audio, a true data stream.

Audacy's State of Audio Report 2022: The Disruptors -- The Listeners, the Creators and Advertisers Revolutionizing Audio sheds insights into the monumental impact that the combination of consumer behavior changes driven by the pandemic and the proliferation of both creator and consumer technology have brought to the audio toolkit for advertisers and marketers. There is a real vibrancy to audio advertising and the data in the report bears this out.

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Audacy CMO Paul Suchman to discuss the key findings in the report and the scientific proof of the impact of audio, as well as the importance and expansion of local audio talent in the Creator Economy.

On June 16th at 2 p.m. EST Audacy will be holding their Audacy Insight Series: State of Audio -- The Disruptors webinar. You can sign up for the free session here.

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