Building a Better Private Marketplace (PMP)

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An effective PMP -- a private marketplace, where publishers can connect specific audiences and inventory to the advertising partners who value them most -- is a key tool helping move our industry past impression-based buying and into people-based buying.

But for all the value, private marketplaces have not achieved their true potential. They can take significant amounts of time and effort to manage, while being difficult to scale.

In part, this is because there isn't a "one size fits all" PMP solution. Publishers are like snowflakes; they share common characteristics, but each one is nonetheless unique in terms of audience, inventory and the advertisers they attract. A successful PMP strategy therefore requires a human touch, and it is critical that the right technology and strategies are engaged.

"Developing an Effective PMP Strategy," part two of Sonobi's three-part whitepaper outlining best practices for true people-based marketing, examines key considerations when implementing or revamping your PMP strategy. We look at several core issues and provide answers to key questions around:

Planning a Successful PMP Strategy: The true value of a PMP solution is opening up a direct line between a buyer and their audience. But how does a buyer know where their audience will appear, and how does a publisher know which users are most valuable to a given advertiser? 

Executing, Maintaining and Prioritizing Deals: Running multiple buys through a PMP can create challenges, especially when different advertisers are vying for the same audience. What is the secret to understanding the relative value of different deals, prioritizing them and then using this intelligence to best resolve deal conflict?

Evolving a Passive PMP Strategy to an Active One: Many publishers have made strong investments to build PMP business, but then find it difficult to scale. How does a publisher most successfully provide access to both its particular voice and unique audience while creating new opportunities for its partners? 

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The good news, as you will see in the following pages, is that there are straightforward, practical and implementable answers to all of these questions.  So, instead of asking, "Can I create a successful PMP strategy?" the better question is, "How do I build a private marketplace that people want to use?"  This is what excites us, and we are proud to be able to share our thoughts on this key topic.

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