Creating Order Out of Chaos with Cadent’s Chief of Staff, Patricia Van Nostrand (Video)

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In Honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, Patricia Van Nostrand, Cadent’s Chief of Staff, shares her journey of how she has helped teams flourish throughout her career thanks to her love of building harmony by creating organization from chaos. Her Cuban and Argentinian parents were terrific role models, instilling in Patricia the drive to stretch herself into roles that would test her ability to learn and grow.

She has a passion for the start-up realm and as such often found herself in organizations with little organization! However, having a deep understanding of the power of the pause, she puts her keen listening skills to work to build happy, integrated teams. She eloquently shares a key nuance worth noting when tackling new processes and combining teams (and frankly in all of life for that matter): It’s not what you say but how you say it. So true, so true! Patricia speaks authentically, keeps it real and is a sheer delight to learn from … and you will learn much.

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