Disney Advertising Sales' Wendell Scott: A Beacon of Hope and a Legacy of Leadership

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For Wendell Scott, as engaged as he may be in the day-to-day sales responsibilities at Disney Ad Sales as Senior Vice President, he cares deeply about his legacy as a role model who has advanced diversity in the media community. "Let's welcome more [diverse] voices," he urges. "There's no more important time than right now for their voices to be heard." In my lengthy Legends & Leaders conversation with Wendell, we discuss an expansive array of topics ranging from diversity to data, from passions to Upfront planning. As an active practitioner working closely with the agency community, Wendell offers an insider look at an industry in transformation and insights on its future. Get to know Wendell and you'll gain insights into the value and power of leadership. Following are a few of his comments; watch the full Legends & Leaders video above.

"I've been very fortunate, and while being at the Disney Company for 21 years, I've been able to be a beacon for people who look like me who've been trying to get into this business and grow in this business."

"When Rita [Ferro] first took over advertising sales for Disney, diversity, equity and inclusion were at the forefront of how she wanted to transform our sales force."

"Sponsorship of people of color has not been something that has really flourished in our business. At our company, we're doing it with intention to make sure that at the most senior levels of our organization, they're connecting with Black and Brown executives at all different levels and understanding exactly how we can better prepare them for the future."

"The pandemic has changed a lot in how customers are using goods and services, how they're consuming and experiencing media and using content to get their information. Our customers are looking at a few really key things that drive their business. How can they make sure that they are reaching the audiences that support their brand and also making sure that they can reach the audiences that can help grow their brand? How do I make sure that they are advancing their opportunity across our portfolio, leveraging technology and data to be smart about how they're reaching their audiences? And then, lastly, how do we go beyond the impression; how do we create original content that breaks through and helps them go beyond reaching their audiences to also engaging their audiences?"

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