Eight Tips for Reaching Millennial and Gen Z Online Shoppers

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Millennials and Gen Zers have all but tuned out yesterday's traditional advertising tactics when making a purchase decision. These tech-savvy generations expect to be entertained and engaged with across the entire purchase funnel, placing the onus on brands to deliver value and utility in the right moments. If you want to connect with Millennials and Gen Z, your ads must be personal and relevant to their lives, with innovative technology that immerses individual shoppers in a brand's world.

There's never been a better time to meet buyers online. Gen Z and Millennial online spending is up 33% since the start of the pandemic, with online ads shaping behavior tremendously.1 Nearly a quarter of U.S. Gen Z shoppers believes online advertising has influenced their purchasing decisions over the last two years. And a full 42% of them have clicked on a sponsored ad -- more than any older generation.2



With more than 60% of young shoppers saying they get new ideas for items to buy from online ads,1 here are eight tips for grabbing their online attention now:

  1. Keep your content short and interactive

Watch an ad online. Buy the product online. Shoppable videos drive consumer action. These formats let users purchase directly from within an ad, increasing engagement. And with Verizon Media brands like "In The Know" connecting with 24M users3 across 450 weekly videos,4 you can extend your reach and have more meaningful interactions.

  1. Think creatively with your placements

Shoppers notice quality ad content on the sites they visit. A majority of consumers (54%) like brands to integrate into editorial they're reading online -- and creatively driven production teams can help you get discovered through branded content, affiliate articles, and immersive experiences.1

  1. Immerse your audience in your world

Be where your buyers are. Think how having your entire product catalog available on-demand for shoppers to see, touch and experience from anywhere can drive sales. It's not science fiction -- it's extended reality (XR). Technology like AR, VR and 3D give your ads unmatched interactivity, allowing young audiences to try before they buy in a whole new way. That's why 63% of Millennials and Gen Z are more likely to buy from brands that innovate in their advertising.5

  1. Offer convenient deals

They may be young, but Gen Z and Millennial audiences are experienced, deal hunters. With 41% of younger consumers reporting seeking out coupons, native ads can show deals in relevant contexts by resurfacing products shoppers have already looked for.1 Respect your audiences' budgets by giving them enticing discounts without them having to look around.

  1. Get personal to inspire discovery

With brick-and-mortar retail closed for more than a year, shoppers missed the excitement of discovering items seemingly made just for them. Technology like Dynamic Product Ads (DPA) can bring that feeling back. DPA formats are built for creativity while being mindful of an individual's unique interests, pulling specific ads from your product feed and serving them based on shopper behavior.

  1. Take them on an interest-based shopping spree

Young shoppers' pay attention to brands and products that align with their unique interests. The upcoming Yahoo Shops marketplace will be a discoverable playground for consumers to buy products that exclusively reflect their passions. It's a virtual mall, made just for individual users, and it's launching this fall.

  1. Don't sleep on e-mail

Most marketers are proficient at connecting with Gen Z shoppers via social media. E-mail, however, is something to e-mail home about. Marketers are not using the power of e-mail to connect with Gen Z shoppers. This is a missed opportunity since 58% of next-gen users check their e-mail at least twice a day.6 With less competition vying for attention in this space, now is the time to get personal with e-mail tech like AMP+, Deal Ads and Grocery Integrations that inspire purchases without users having to leave their inboxes.

Get young shoppers to the supermarket with Verizon Media. Our grocery integration within Yahoo Mail enables users to create their shopping lists from their in-boxes and receive recipe suggestions based on purchase history.

  1. Partner with an expert like Verizon Media

Are you ready to connect with Gen Z and Millenials? We understand next-generation shoppers and know how to build the experiences that inspire them. Verizon Media reaches 90% of shoppers aged 18-34 and meets their daily needs with premium content and immersive formats powered by unmatched tech expertise and insights.7

Stop shopping around for a partner who can help you drive young shoppers your way. We know what makes up their shopping mindset, and we give brands the tools to make the most of the moment through end-to-end commerce experiences that evolve with your audiences. Get in touch with Verizon Media to start thriving in the future of commerce.


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