How to Activate an Always-Advancing Video Ecosystem: OMG's Kelly Metz (Video)

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Advanced TV keeps on, well, advancing. But how much progress is being made, given challenges like data matching in clean rooms and the impact of privacy legislation? This week's guest, Kelly Metz, gave me some insights into that. As Managing Director of Advanced TV Activation at Omnicom Media Group (OMG), Metz has an extensive background in the field. Prior to OMG, she had stints at VideoAmp, StudioNow and Adobe.

Full disclosure: this conversation was near and dear to my heart as Metz's role at OMG is a continuation of the Advanced TV practice that I had a small role in incubating while I led Emerging Media Investment at OMG from 2011-2015. It's always nice to see something that you seeded and nurtured continue to grow and blossom -- even if some of the core challenges continue on some level.

In addition to some of those challenges, we discussed how the landscape is starting to lean in favor of TV OEMs -- if they manage the transition from manufacturer to marketer well.

In the Media Metaverse, change is a constant -- and with leaders like Metz in the industry, marketers are sure to be kept informed and active players in that evolution.

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