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When we look back at 2020, many are now better able to see some of the silver linings it created -- namely around innovation and the important role that Social entrepreneurs play in fueling it. It's tough enough to create during "normal" times, but how does a leader get the team to rally during a crisis -when the pressure to build results is literally critical? How do we build a team culture of "institutional yes"? How do we encourage a state of curiosity that begins to uncover new product potential as our environment shifts?

Today we're fortunate to be joined by one of these social entrepreneurs whose work was recently recognized by Fast Company. Kris Kepler isCEO of LavaMaeX, a nonprofit that teaches people around the world to bring mobile showers and other essential care services to the street, where unhoused people need them most. She and her team found themselves in exactly this predicament and stared fear straight in the eye. Quitting, folding up the tent - not options. Let's find out how they came to deliver upon their promise, radical hospitality and dignity, demonstrating that how you deliver the service is in fact more important that the service itself.

Key Takeaways:

  • Saying yes -- take advantage for the opportunity to disrupt by embracing whatever comes your way regardless of whether it works out
  • Stay connected to who you are serving, test it yourself so you know the experience
  • Servant leader -- leverage the power of your team to problem solve collaboration is key.

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