Watch Now: Nathanson-Myers Round 3: How 2020 Informs the 2021 Media Economy

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We are now eight months into the pandemic, California burning and hurricanes hitting the Gulf coast. From a media economic standpoint, it has been baffling, unpredictable and, shockingly, the media economy is not as bad as originally predicted. With a new wave of high-profile layoffs coming throughout various industries, will this good news continue or are we headed for a second wave of impact on ad budgets?

To many, it seems that there has been more change in the past few months than the past few years when it comes to media consumption. Cord cutting is up. OTT usage is skyrocketing. Sports is back, but do lower ratings indicate that it was too much, too soon? Have consumers found other adopted new media behaviors to the detriment of traditional media and, what will the impact be as traditional content returns?  Has videogame viewing (aka Twitch) scaled to be considered a true sports network?  TikTok has become a major social force during the pandemic, but will it be allowed to operate? These questions and more were addressed during what promises to be riveting conversations among media analysts Michael Nathanson and Jack Myers.

Nathanson, senior research analyst at MoffettNathanson, and Myers, media ecologist and founder of MediaVillage, will review 2021 ad spend prospects and issues; explore the impact of budget shifts to ecommerce, gaming, and OTT streaming options; discuss shifts in Upfront spending dynamics; and review political spending realities. Nathanson will share his firm's outlook on shareholder value and Myers will comment on potential surprises in the next few months. discuss who the winners and losers have been during this time and begin to provide their guidance on how 2021 will look.

Throughout this challenging time, thousands of leaders in the advertising industry have greatly benefited from the Myers - Nathanson Leadership Conversations.

Written by Jeff Minsky.

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