The Addressable TV Tipping Point: Advertising Held Accountable

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Savvy marketers are once again reassessing their longtime partner, TV.  Advertisers appreciate that TV’s massive audience size and unrivaled engagement enable them to deliver ads successfully at scale on a national level. But they’ve also been frustrated by wasted impressions. The increasing fragmentation of TV viewership has made it more difficult for them to deliver brand messages to their desired audiences, and the rise of digital advertising channels has pulled marketing dollars away from television. Yet despite these challenges, TV remains the most effective platform for advertisers. Why? Because technology has finally caught up with television.

This Viewpoint Report will take a deep dive into the new age of addressable TV, closely examining how addressable technology makes television advertising more effective than ever and why this is the best time for marketers to break new ground and add addressable TV into their media mix.

The national number of addressable TV households has finally reached scale.

More than 50 million homes now have addressable TV, making 2016 the year addressable TV finally takes off.

Spending on addressable TV ad campaigns is expected to double this year and swell to $2.17 billion by 2018. By 2020, an estimated 70 million homes will be addressable.

Addressable TV allows advertisers to deliver the right ad to the right target at the right moment.

Available only through multichannel video programming distributor platforms, such as DISH, addressable TV combines the broad reach of television with the precision and accountability of digital advertising. It also offers robust data driven decision-making from the beginning of the campaign through the post-campaign reporting, including attribution ROI tracking. In a wide range of verticals, DISH Media Sales’ clients who have used addressable ads have achieved proven results, including impressive sales lifts, exceptional ROIs, verified conversion increases, expanded reach and increased market share. Clients have also discovered the value of using the lessons learned in one addressable TV campaign to fine-tune their next addressable campaign.

Addressable TV is transforming the media landscape, changing the way marketers must approach TV advertising. Today’s investments in addressable TV will help first-movers run smart, agile advertising campaigns tomorrow. The addressable technology will continue to fuel the growth and education for marketers.

With the evolution of connected TVs and over-the-top services like Sling TV, addressable will soon be able to reach all the highly desired consumers that today’s marketers strive to target. Addressable TV also fuels DISH’s ONPOINT programmatic solution, which takes the campaigns full circle by offering efficiency, scale and profitability.

Addressable TV delivers four primary benefits:

Identifies Targeted Audiences

Addressable TV goes way beyond Nielsen’s age, gender and regional demographics. It enables advertisers to target very specific audiences that are highly interested in their products or services.

Buy Audiences, Not Programs

Addressable TV delivers ads to targeted audiences no matter which programs they watch. Viewers don’t find ads; ads find viewers. A marketer no longer has to rely on GRPs to find out which TV programs their target audience watches and buy 30-second ads to show to everyone who watches those programs.

Minimize Wasted Impressions

Addressable TV uses data gathered from the provider’s set-top-box, advertisers’ first-party data and third parties to deliver highly relevant ads only to a targeted audience. Ads are never shown to households unlikely to purchase an advertiser’s product or service. Avoiding wasted impressions while delivering finely targeted impressions saves advertisers money.

The Best of Both Worlds

Addressable TV offers advertisers the expansive reach of television and the attribution and back-end reporting of digital. It provides rich back-end data, enabling advertisers to track results, refine target audience lists and inform media buys. Marketers can understand the true performance of their ads, including engagement, conversions, sales lift and brand awareness.

In TV advertising, every edge matters. Addressable TV gives marketers a distinct edge, and each little edge adds up to a huge advantage over the competition.

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