Trooh Women's Network Delivers for Brands Seeking "Quality Time" with Consumers

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Amid life's many stresses and disruptions, Americans are learning to prioritize self-care and wellness. As women juggle work and their personal lives, taking "me" time shouldn't be viewed as an indulgence -- but rather an opportunity for restoration and renewal. Salons and spas offer places for them to retreat, and these spots can also be a positive, engaging environment for brands to reach female consumers. That's where the Trooh Women's Network comes in.

A leader in the digital out-of-home industry, Trooh places its screens and large format static signage in top salons and nail spas, delivering curated news and entertainment, as well as relevant brand messages that appeal to female consumers.

American women are earners and decision-makers. New Trooh research shows 40% of women are sole income providers, and 97% of women identify as the primary shopper in their family. So it is no surprise that savvy brands want to reach them with contextual advertising that engages and informs. According to a new research study, Trooh's female consumers are educated, affluent women in the key 18-49 demographic.

"Our media and environments create the perfect opportunity for brands to make an authentic, positive emotional connection with women," said Trooh's Chief Revenue Officer Alison Jacobs. "There is no other media environment within our locations with the exception of mobile, and our media is the perfect complement to mobile due to the high dwell time where women have the chance to research and go online to explore."

How Trooh's Women's Network Delivers

As advertisers put renewed focus on context and engagement, Trooh's Women's Network can be a smart option. Trooh says it is in all the top DMAs and expanding its digital and static placements. To ensure the content and advertising is in the best possible environment, the company dispatches its team to visit physical locations. To enhance the digital screens and static signage, Trooh can provide mobile targeting and attribution as well as sampling.

The Women's Network delivers a highly desirable demographic, with an average household income of $75,000 and 73% of consumers falling between 18 to 49 years old, a prized demographic for many advertisers. Among the women, 61% are parents and those women have a slightly higher average household income of $82,000.

Jacobs said advertisers in financial services, consumer packaged goods, pharmaceuticals and technology are looking to reach female consumers in uncluttered environments and can all benefit from messaging within the network.

When these women visit salons, they stay awhile, with an average visit time of 1.4 hours. Many women linger for more than three hours. They typically visit each location twice per month, and women 25-34 visit three times per month. That time spent and multiple visits equals frequency and consistency for advertisers' messaging.

Once they leave the salon, Trooh Women's Network consumers hit the shops. According to Trooh's research, 79% of women are more likely to go shopping after a salon visit. About half go to the grocery store, while a third stop into a drug store and 32% duck into a department store or fashion retailer. Some women make multiple stops, with Trooh reporting that 85% of women in its survey visit more than one retailer after a salon visit.

Women have outsized influence over what they buy for themselves and their families. Among top categories, Trooh research indicates women make the following decisions:

  • Health and beauty: 89%
  • Groceries: 84%
  • Household goods: 82%
  • Clothing: 82%
  • Electronics: 65%
  • Financial institutions and services: 49%
  • Auto: 39%

In today's cluttered media environment, out of home has emerged as one of the most effective ways to reach consumers. Place-based media meets consumers where they are and on the go. Often, they encounter a brand's message near the point of purchase or while they have their mobile device, translating to sales and brand interactions.

This year, the digital out of home industry is expected to overtake print newspaper in ad sales, with brands spending $6.9 billion on digital out of home, according to eMarketer.

Digital out of home offers advertisers a controlled, brand-safe environment. They can be assured what content their messages will be placed around and where consumers will interact with that campaign. There's also no skipping the ads, no fraud and no way to block the media.

"It has never been easier to buy DOOH [digital out of home] at the click of a button," Jacobs said. "The pandemic certainly created an acceleration of brands adopting programmatic DOOH so they could be more immediate and responsive to changing market factors."

Trooh's Women's Network brings brands into DOOH in exclusive locations and creates contextual alignments. From packaged goods to health and beauty to automotive and entertainment, these ads reach women when they are relaxed and relatively free from distractions, which encourages brand recall and positive brand association.

"With third-party cookies becoming more obsolete, it is important for marketers and strategists to remember that place-based media environments such as Trooh's have always offered precise audience segmentation in brand-safe locations that create engagement and connection with the right consumers," Jacobs noted.

Spas and salons offer women a refuge from their busy work and personal lives -- a chance to exhale, focus on themselves and enjoy a little entertainment. Brands can benefit by participating in this environment. After all, haven't we all earned a little self-care and rejuvenation?

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