TV to F-A-N-G: Data & Privacy Standards Will Level the Playing Field

By The Myers Report Archives
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As brands and agencies press media sales organizations for deeper analytics on the connections between consumer data and media consumption patterns, the focus on reaching ever-more targeted audiences will accelerate.  While “reach” has always been the prime ingredient in media plans, along with managed frequency, attaching the word “relevant” elevates reach even further in the hierarchy of media decision-making.  With privacy controls and intensifying consumer backlash jeopardizing the availability and usage of data, government intervention is inevitable, as noted by the creation of Privacy for America, an intra-industry organization as an industry advocacy group focused on managed federal regulation (representing ANA, IAB, 4As, Digital Advertising Alliance and Network Advertising Initiative).  This creates an interesting conundrum and opportunity for the television industry -- the networks, cable and satellite distributors, OTT providers, studios and brand marketers who depend on video advertising as the mainstay of their investments.  Powerful statistical insights derived directly from consumer behavior is the strong suit of Google, Facebook and Amazon, which continue to capture more than 85% of the growth in marketers’ ad spending.  Here’s the conundrum for the television industry.  In the race to develop improved audience data and insights and to compete more effectively with Google, Facebook and Amazon, will the inevitable imposition of regulatory controls over the uses of that data advance or impede the TV industry’s competitive position?  The Myers Report shares exclusive answers to that question in this week’s summary of our new industry survey of 750 advertiser and agency professionals engaged in the media planning and buying process.  For details on MyersBizNet corporate membership and research subscriptions contact Maryann Teller at  Research member company executives can obtain their personal TomorrowToday password by contacting Maryann.

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