Video: Jack Myers on The Future of Men and the Better Man Conference

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In the video above, and in my Better Man Conference keynote on Tuesday, November 6, I advance my message on The Future of Men.

While there are still many women standing along with their men at Trump rallies, the women’s movement has been extraordinarily successful by focusing on the simple message of empowerment. Men, too, need a simple, consistent and powerful message as a catalyst.

As I study the media, which is what I’ve spent more than 40 years doing as a career, I see two common threads that permeate films, TV, books and social media: First, emotional intelligence is the most important quality for successfully navigating today’s relationships, business and the world.  Second, media images and portrayals of men are slowly shifting from Homer Simpson, Peter Griffin of Family Guy and Gordon Gecko to a more emotionally connected and responsive man.  So, we have these two competing forces: men who are unwilling to change, and a clear media message that men are changing and becoming more emotionally intelligent.

The other thing I learned about the media is to never bet against its power.  Whatever is happening in politics, in business, with #MeToo, men are changing and we need -- future generations need -- a simple guide and message to help us along the journey.  Re-imagining masculinity by learning emotional intelligence is that message.

I will be delivering the keynote address tomorrow (Nov. 6) at the Better Man Conference in New York City.  For more details visit BetterManConference.

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