Video: Magna's Dani Benowitz on Her Focus and Priorities

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Dani Benowitz is Executive Vice President, Director of Investment for Magna and has been part of the IPG family since 2003. She is responsible for managing $34 billion in media investments. In our exclusive Legends & Leaders interview, Dani looks back at her years in the business and shares her focus and priorities for both herself and for Magna. Watch my full interview with Dani above and the full Legends & Leaders Video Interview series here.

BENOWITZ: There was a place where we used to be able to feed everyone.  We would go to market, whether that market was Upfront or scatter, and really try to be something for everybody.  But I don't really think that the landscape allows us to do that anymore.  So, we are starting to focus on fewer, bigger, better and forming deeper partnerships that cover us, not only in an Upfront or one-time only period, but throughout the year.

BENOWITZ: Let's say, if I buy This Is Us on Tuesday night, I want the whole stream for the seven days. I want the month of VOD, I want to be integrated. As the ratings are going down, we know the audience isn't necessarily going down. It's just going down at that moment.  We want to be able to capture them. Watch the full interview with Dani here.

BENOWITZ: What is Netflix going to do?  What is Apple going to do?  Are they going to buy a media company?  Are they going to become more widely distributed?  Are they going to take advertising?  I think it's going to be interesting to see what happens and I don't think it's going to be five years.  I think it's going to be two years and everybody getting into bed with each other and it's exciting. I've been in the business a long time and it's never dull.  I don't think a lot of people get that in what they do every day.  We're very lucky to have that.

Watch the full interview with Dani Benowitz here and the entire Legends & Leaders Video Interview Series here.

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