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Brian Jacobs takes a half-full approach to the advertising business and pens a hopeful essay in Reasons to be Cheerful: Rebalancing of Creative and Media Skills..

YouTube shares insights that they've gleamed from their data over the past year and provides recommendations to marketers on how to adapt to the new way that consumers are perusing video. See what they recommend in Five Ways Brands are Adapting to Shifts in Video Viewership to Drive Results.

Performance media expert Wendy Arnon, in partnership with MediaVillage member Quigley Simpson, brings you up-to-date on performance market in DRTV & DR OTT Marketplace Outlook.

Alli Romano speaks with Paul Cabana, executive vice president of multiplatform programming and digital media for A+E Networks in A + E Networks' One-Two, Linear-Digital Punch Reaches New Digital Audiences.

New York Interconnect's Tom McLoughlin, shares thoughts on two of the biggest macro-trends in consumer content viewing in TV Trends to Tap in 2021: Daytime Viewership and Multi-Screen Campaigns.

Arguably the biggest challenge facing media strategists and marketers is the issue of "over frequency". Bill Harvey explores the difference between exposures and impressions in Improving the Advertising Experience While Increasing the Number of Attentive Impressions per Dollar.

Tamara Alesi digs into fashion data and derives insights into what the pandemic has done to the brand value of top sports apparel brands in Nike, Adidas, Under Armour: A Routine Brand Health Check Reveals Surprises.


In The Pool, Philip McKenzie speaks with Detavio Samuels, COO of Revolt Media & TV about Steering A Revolt in Culture.

Who would have imagined with J-Lo, Lady Gaga and the first Female multi-cultural vice president, that 22-year old Amanda Gorman would steal the show? Christopher Boulton comments in Quiet isn't Always Peace.

Leading LGBT+ expert, Kryss Shane continues an exploration into the importance and proper modern etiquette around pronouns in Let's Talk About Pronouns; Why He/She/They? it Matters: Part 2.


I am both a huge fan of The CW's content and their leadership team. with whom I had the honor of working for many years. I couldn't wait and you shouldn't either to listen to this week's Jack Myers Legends and Leaders podcast, The CW's Mark Pedowitz on Passion, Innovation, and Advertising Success.

Jack Myers, who worked closely with the great Hank Aaron R.I.P., shares new insights into the late baseball superstar in The Hank Aaron Chasing the Dream Mystery. Where Can this Award-Winning Anti-Racism Biography Be Watched (Legally)?.

Erich J. Prince advocates for less news consumption to retain our sanity in Why Even Some Journalists Support News Moderation.

Have you checked out our newest video series In The Loop with actor, producer, and social media content creator, Kelly Kozakevich? This week, Kelly introduces YouTube Beauty Influencer, Nikkie de Jager in YouTube Originals' Docuseries "Nikkie Tutorials: Layers of Me" Is a Must-See.

Ainsley Andrade reviews the second season of The CW's horror anthology, Two Sentence Horror Stories The CW's "Two Sentence Horror Stories" Has Grown Into Its Own Beast.

Steve Gidlow takes you behind the scene with Wendy Williams who has a busy weekend on Lifetime with Wendy Williams: The Movie and Wendy Williams: What A Mess, a companion documentary to the movie. Get the full scoop from Gidlow in Wendy Williams Shares Her Truth in Two Revealing Lifetime Projects.

Ed Martin eulogizes the great interview talk-show host, Larry King in A Fond Farewell to Larry King.

This Week in Media

Congratulations to OMD on being named Media AOR for The Home Depot.

The NBC Sports Channel Network will be shut down at the end of 2021.

NBCU and Twitter are extending their partnership agreement. Global video views of NBCU Twitter feeds grew 26% annually. Elements of the new partnership agreement include immersive Golden Globes highlights, red carpet live streams, watch parties, and fan voting. Additionally, Twitter will get exclusive fan experiences for major NBCU events including the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, Telemundo's Latin American Music Awards, E! People's Choice Awards, and key sports moments from NBC Sports, Sky Sports, Telemundo Deportes, and GOLF Channel.

Peacock has secured streaming rights for the WWE Network. The 1.1mm subscribers of WWE Network will be transferred to Peacock Premium and get a 50% discount on their monthly fee.

Walmart is taking aggressive steps in growing their ad revenue business. To begin with, they've changed the media business name to Walmart Connect from Walmart Media Group. They are also partnering up with programmatic tech giant, The Trade Desk, which will allow marketers to tap into Walmart's data to place ads outside of Walmart owned properties.

Facebook has reported strong quarterly earnings. Last year Q4 was up around 20% from Q3 2019. In 2020 Q4 was up 32% from Q3 2020 and also up 31% from Q4 2019. The press is ganging up on them for reporting a 2nd quarter of lower daily audience numbers in the U.S. but looking at monthly activity they had their best quarter ever with 258 MAUs and a big 29% jump in ARPU from Q4 2019 to $53.56.

Additionally, Zuckerberg declared a new company mission: to help everyone find and participate in communities that are meaningful. In the latest quarterly earning call, Zuckerberg said, "Our product focus now is to develop this community infrastructure beyond feeds and message boards to help people build and run full self-sustaining community institutions".

During this week's earnings calls, Apple and Facebook, for all intents and purposes, declared war on each other based on the upcoming iOS14 update that will severely impact ad targeting capability. Tim Cook, speaking at an International Data Privacy Day conference said "If a business is built on misleading users, on data exploitation, on choices that are no choices at all, then it does not deserve our praise. It deserves reform." in a dig at Facebook.

Meanwhile, Mark Zuckerberg, on Facebook's Q4 2020 earnings call railed at the Apple privacy changes claiming that Apple's pro-privacy stance is more about giving iMessage a competitive advantage than any altruistic motive, and that their changes would have an adverse impact on Facebook.

If you have been getting Apple TV+ for free as a result of buying an Apple product over the past year, you are in luck. Apple has extended your gratis subscription to the service through July 2021.

We wish everyone a wonderful and safe weekend. Stay healthy.

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