Welcome to MFMInSites.com and an Entirely New Membership Experience

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MFMInSites.com is the Media Financial Management Association's new flagship platform for news and information. It includes the most important components members loved from The Financial Manager (TFM), our former member magazine. And it enhances the content by providing more timely information in text and video podcast formats that are easier to access and share on your PC, pad or phone.

MFMInSites is produced in a unique partnership with Jack Myers and his team at MediaVillage. The pioneering communications portal is where the marketing, media, advertising, and entertainment community shares business offerings, strategic insights and resources for industry professionals.

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The new MFMInsites.com platform will help the association deliver more useful information and enhance knowledge sharing between members. It will also help broaden the reach of MFM and bring brands, agencies, and media together on the financial side, with MFM playing a key role in erasing the "line of demarcation" between the revenue and expense sides of financial departments.

Unlike TFM, which published six times per year, MFMInSites.com will post new items -- including interviews with the industry's leading financial executives, up-and-comers and subject matter experts -- on a regular basis throughout the year. All the information will be archived so you can access it at your convenience.

I hope you will enjoy MFMInSites.com. I think it will strengthen the unique community of financial professionals that comprises the MFM and add value to your membership in the association. I welcome your feedback on the new digital publication. Please send your comments and critiques to me at joe.annotti@mediafinance.org.

Best Regards,
Joseph Annotti
President & CEO
Media Financial Management Association

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