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This week on Mindshare's Culture Vulture Live, Chanel Cummings gives us the scoop on DoggoLingo.

DoggoLingo is a growing language trend found online. Many of the words and phrases are based on regular English, but with slight tweaks. For example, a dog can be referred to as a doggo or a pupper.  A fluffy dog is called a floof.  Startled dogs are described as doing me a frighten and bork means the same thing as bark.

This language trend has grown a lot in recent years, inspired by popular memes and dedicated pet social media groups.  One of the biggest examples is a Facebook group called Dogspotting.  It's a place where people post photos and videos of dogs they spot in real life.  Naturally, a lot of these posts include words in DoggoLingo and inspire other users to do the same.  The group has hundreds of thousands of members and continues to grow quite rapidly.

The growth of DoggoLingo follows a couple different trends for brands and marketers to keep in mind.  For one, there's the increasing importance of pets in people's lives.  In fact, in an earlier episode of Culture Vulture Live we explored research from Mintel and the CDC that suggested a growing number of Millennials are more likely to have pets versus kids.  More and more people are shopping for pets the way they would a baby, often splurging on them instead of themselves.

And two, the ME-dia trend that we're following at Mindshare shows that people view what they post on social as a better representation of who they are versus the things they own.  Today, content is the new "stuff."  And for brands, that means finding ways that your product or service can help consumers tell stories about themselves on social media.

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