Mindshare@Cannes: "Beyond the Rosé" -- Episodes 3 and 4 (Podcast Exclusive!)

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Check out Episodes 3 and 4 of Mindshare's podcast series, "Beyond the Rosé: Mindshare@Cannes." Hosted by Mindshare North America's Bethany Mach, Executive Director, Global Client Lead, this series explores the main trends and takeaways from the Cannes Lions Festival. If you missed the first two episodes, check them out here.

Episode 3: "A Game Plan for Sports and Social"

Cannes is the Super Bowl of media and advertising. So it's no surprise that Sqor's Brian Wilhite, Founder and CEO, and Jon Gregg, Chief Revenue Officer, and Brett Favre, Sqor board member and former quarterback of the Green Bay Packers, are big fans. It's only been two years since Sqor's sports social media network has gone live, but since then they've connected countless athletes with fans through a more personalized experience. Bethany talks to the team about Sqor's content strategy (and the opportunities for brands), how they leverage athlete involvement with their fans (including Brett's personal experience), and why sports needed a dedicated social network.

Episode 4: "Why the Social Conversation at Cannes Has Decreased"

No two Cannes Festivals are the same, and Patrick Charlton has the data to prove it. As the Director and Co-Founder of Buzz Radar, Patrick and his team gather and visualize data from social media networks, Google Analytics, paid media, IBM Watson and more. For Cannes this year, he points to a 20-25% drop in online conversation about the festival in general, crediting that in part to agencies doing a great job at condensing content. (Aw, thanks!) Bethany sits down with him to discuss what else has changed at Cannes regarding the types of attendees and what people are posting (or not posting) -- and for an emotional analysis of the daily events.

There will be more episodes this week of "Beyond the Rosé."  For more info, check back on MindshareInTheLoop.com.

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