WMX’s Hugo Marquez, Dr. Kryss and ... Lizzo?! (Podcast)

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Join us for this edition of LGBT+ Advancing's podcast when our own Dr. Kryss sits down with WMX's Sr. Director of Global Advertising Revenue Strategy, Hugo Marquez. As they discuss Hugo's work, they can't help but reminisce about the good ol' days of music as well as sharing what they are currently listening to. Plus, Hugo sheds light on the differences between the LGBT+ artists and musicians of the past and those of the present. They talk Hailey to Lizzo, 2Pac to Garth! What do they all have to do with inclusion? Hugo fills us in. Plus, where does Hugo think inclusion in music is headed? He'll share those thoughts, too. As a bonus, you'll hear both Hugo and Dr. Kryss talk about the songs they can't get out of their heads, the songs that have ruled their playlists for 20+ years, and the impact of different artists they've loved for a lifetime.

Listeners are invited to share their own favorite songs, artists and memories. (You can join the conversation by tagging @itskryss.) What songs heal you? What artists do you play while going through a breakup? How do the identities of these musicians and singers impact listeners?

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